NFI in Brief

The National Film Institute located in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria was established in accordance with the provision of the National Film Policy (1992) and the Decree No. 61 of (1979) setting up the Nigerian Film Corporation. The Institute is designed and equipped to provide training of the highly specialized manpower needs of the film industry.  The choice of Jos was based on its friendly weather and the abundance of beautiful scenery for film shooting locations. 
The National Film Institute, Jos, the only of its kind in the country, is accredited by CILECT (Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinema de Television) in Brussels.  This is the academic body that accredits all film institutions.  It is also a member of the Executive Council of CILECTs’ African Regional Association (CARA) of film schools in Africa. 
NFI is presently affiliated to the Department of Theatre and Film Arts of the University of Jos, and it is accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

Our Vision, Mission, Objective & Goals

To be the best training and capacity building institution in the motion picture industry in Nigeria.

The primary mission of the Institute is to serve the people of Nigeria and the world by developing skills and building capacity for the motion picture industry.

Training and retraining of new entrants into the industry as well as professionals and related activities in the industry; conduct research in all areas of the industry; Updating the skills and professional expertise in the industry for optimal performance and in line with international standards; data bank provision  for the industry; provide training for related organizations; publication of books, journals and ICT materials; organize workshops, seminars and symposia on issues of motion picture and media arts; collaborate with national and international agencies on training, retraining and capacity building in the industry as well as use of motion picture for development; rewarding talents and instituting Awards and Honours to deserving individuals or organizations, nationally and internationally.

Preparing students for useful professional and academic careers, both within and outside the framework of the Institute; The provision of social, cultural and technical leadership for the community through the institute sponsored programmes and activities; film industry open public lectures by distinguished persons and other social events of public appeal.
Providing students with skills, attitudes, contacts and experiences which will help to maximize and enhance occupying positions of leadership in the society.
Training students in methods of scholarship, scientific research and creative endeavors, which are essential for intellectual life in the outside the institute environment.